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Indonesia Filming Support Services is managed by Indonesian people, who have very professional background experiences.



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We are happy to offer you our professional service to ensure your special filming in Indonesian Archipelago will be the most special master piece.



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Indonesia Filming Support Services have successfully arranged many film production, television news, videos, commercials, television, etc.

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Lemon Yellow Sun Films, Mumbai - India the Commercial TV Program Chevrolet Spin Prelaunch

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Ma & Ma Photographers Agents, Paris - Frances Commercial of Solar Cell Awango Ulitium Lamps Total

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event documentation

APAO & AAO Congress - Asia Pacific American Academy Ophthalmology Congress


Indonesia Filming Support Services

indonesia filming support

As a legal company especially assisting foreigners and International filmmakers & photographers, we would be glad to deliver assistance to search the best shoot locations all around Indonesia

Facilitates in film and still photography production throughout Indonesian Archipelago. A full service location company, experiencing numerous international productions throughout Indonesian Archipelago for Australian, Canadian, American, European, Indian, Asian, African, etc.

Our very good relationship with the Indonesian government enables us to smooth related procedures essentially in ensuring production time. Arrange necessary Indonesia Film Procedure and other government formalities, assuring you our best assistance and service at all times.

Arranging Pre Production; location scout services, location library services and location manager services, Indonesia Film permits, Prodution; indonesia fixer, talent, crew, equipment, accommodation, transportation, etc.

Our experiences in the field of film industry brought our clients to reach their successfully completed production of feature film big screen movie, commercials, documentaries, television news, series & television programs, music video, advertising, still photography and event documentation.

Indonesia Filming Support Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Indonesian Archipelago.

The Indonesia Filming Support Services is the gateway to filming in Indonesian Archipelago, such as; Sumatera Film Services, Aceh Film Services, North Sumatera Film Services, West Sumatera Film Services, Riau Film Services, Bengkulu Film Services, Jambi Film Services, Bangka Belitung Film Services, Lampung Film Services, South Sumatera Film Services, Batam Film Services, Banten Film Services, West Java Film Services, Jakarta Film Services, Central Java Film Services, Yogyakarta Film Services, East Java Film Services, Java Film Services, Bali Film Services, Lombok Film Services, West Nusa Tenggara Film Services, East Nusa Tenggara Film Services, Sumbawa Film Services, Komodo Film Services, Flores Film Services, Sumba Film Services, Sulawesi Film Services, South Sulawesi Film Services, Kalimantan Film Services, Borneo Film Services, West Borneo Film Services, East Borneo Film Services, South Borneo Film Services, Banjarmasin Floating Market Film Services, Papua Film Services, Orangutan Film Services, etc.

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