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PT. Bali Satria Film ; License No. 189/PROD/PP.FS.RV/X/2007 & No. 512/TDUP.Pusbangfilm/11/2018 facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, cews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for international production filmmakers who wish to conduct filming in Indonesian Archipelagos.

Indonesia Filming Support Services is managed by Indonesian people, who have very professional background experiences.

We are happy to offer you our professional service to ensure your special filming in Indonesian Archipelago will be the most special master piece.

Indonesia Filming Support Services has been specifically assisting foreigners and international filmmakers, who choose Indonesia to be the place for film shooting. We have also experienced in planning other functions such as transportation, accommodation, budgeting, logistic, etc. 

We can perfectly perform preparation and coordination of every aspect of film production.

Indonesia Filming Support Services have successfully arranged many film production, television news, videos, commercials, television, documentary works,  advertising and commercial photography.

Our very good relationship with the Indonesian government enables us to smooth related essential procedures. Assuring you our best assistance and service at all times and look forward to fulfilling your shooting in Indonesia archipelago.

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