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In East area there are game preserve sembilang for the width of 45.000 hektare. This place is heaven for various type bird of the animal protected by be like stork, tongtong, white stork, sindang lawe, pelican, mallard, eagle, rangkong crest and katigkareng, even there are also crocodile and dolphin freshwater

One of the greatest kingdoms in Indonesian history, the Buddhist Empire of Sriwijaya prospered along the banks of Musi River in South Sumatra over a thousand years ago. Sriwijaya kingdom practiced a bustling and productive trade with ancient China during its golden years.

Stretching from the foothills of the mighty Bukit Barisan mountain range, this province is relatively flat but very fertile, with numerous rivers cutting across the landscape and meandering their ways to the sea.

Places; Goa Putri, Musi River, Ampera Bridge, Fort Kuto Besak, Mount Dempo, Kemaro Island

South Sumatera Film Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Indonesian Archipelago.

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