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Indonesia Filming Support Services

indonesia filming

We are able to provide camera and sound operators, technical engineers, gaffers, grips and production assistant, arrange craft services, hair stylist, make up stylist, arranging permits, fixer, talent, etc.

Indonesia Filming Support Services are capable in finding suitable location to match your specification. We have very deep knowledge on the climatic and local weather patterns. We take care your needs and ensure you will get the best experience and wide exposure of indonesian resources ( natural and cultural ).

Schedule - We help our clients set up schedule and production planning, provide additional - attractive iteneraries incase of getting difficult / critical circumstances; flexibility and backup plans will be provided.

Transportation and Accommodation - Travel facilities for crews, talent, film and equipment.  We will handle fares negotiation and reduce shipment rates for equipment. We have well-organized cooperation with air and freight carriers to assure reliable delivery and economical gears mobilization.

Permits - Negotiating and arranging permits in the restricted, private, or public areas.

Location Scouting & Research - Indonesian location reconnaissance to determine filming feasibility and support facilities.

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