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Location Indonesian Archipelagos

Republic of Indonesia is a country in Southeast Asia and Oceania. Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands. With a population of around 238 million people, it is the world's fourth most populous country, and has the world's largest population of Muslims. Indonesia is a, with an elected legislature and president. The nation's capital city is Jakarta. Across its many islands, Indonesia consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups. Indonesia Film Services invite International Film Production company to make films in truly Location Film Indonesian Archipelago.

weh island

aceh film services

Aceh is a special territory (daerah istimewa) of Indonesia, located on the northern tip of the island of Sumatra. It is thought to have been in Aceh where Islam was first established in Southeast Asia...

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waterfall sipiso piso

north sumatera

North Sumatra is home to rare and exotic wildlife. Discover exceptional and unique species like the orangutans, the white-handed gibbon, and 17 types of bird. For nature lovers, the extraordinary ecosystems...

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arwah island

riau film services

As well as objects and attraction existing in Mainland part of Riau, such as Palace compound of past Siak Sultanate, Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park, 4th century buddhistic temple of Muara Takus, Koto Panjang Lake...

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ngarai sianok

West Sumatera Film

The capital of West Sumatra, Padang has several houses built in traditional architecture, including the Padang Museum which houses objects of cultural and historical interest. The beach of the bay of Bungus and...

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alif stone park

Riau Islands Film

Bintan Island, few knows that the place keeps glittering past. When its metropolis neighbor, Singapore , was still muddy fishing village, Bintan was an established port called on by traders from overseas. History also...

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romodong gate

Bangka Belitung

Pangkalpinang is the island’s largest city and capital of the Province. Aside from its role as the center of the provincial government, economic, and commercial activities, Pangkalpinang serves as gateway for visitors...

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tribe child wilderness jambi

Jambi Film Services

Berbak National Park is a national park area on the eastern coastline of Central Sumatra included in Ramsar Convention for international wetland conservation. In 1992, the minister of Forestry,...

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rafflesia bengkulu

Bengkulu Film

located in West coast Sumatra island which from geographical side around 46,54% or 920.964 ha his farm is forest of 131 asylum. The area is the source of natural abundance which with uique flora and his...

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ampera bridge

South Sumatra Film

In East area there are game preserve sembilang for the width of 45.000 hektare. This place is heaven for various type bird of the animal protected by be like stork, tongtong, white stork, sindang lawe, pelican...

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way kambas national park

Lampung Film

Bandar Lampung - capital of Lampung Province, there is a Lampung Museum on Jalan Teuku Umar. many the ancient objects, the remain of ceramic from China and Siam, or household utensils which is from centuries...

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ujung kulon national park

Banten Film Services

Pencak Silat / Debus, its very popular in Banten, Pencak Silat which is progressively recognized in the world because coming into one of the branch contested event port, initially Pencak Silat is one of the society...

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Jakarta Film Services

Capital of the Republic of Indonesia, Jakarta is a huge, sprawling metropolitan city, the seat of national government as well as seat of the provincial government of Greater Jakarta. Here is also the national...

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green canyon cukang taneuh

West Java Film

Bandung is the capital of West Java in Indonesia. Bandung is 180 kilometers southeast from Jakarta. Bandung is situated on a plateau 768 meters above sea level with a cool climate throughout the year...

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Central Java Film

Borobudur is the biggest Buddhist temple in the ninth century measuring 123 x 123 meters. It is located at Magelang, 90-km southeast of Semarang, or 42-km northwest of Yogyakarta...

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DI Yogyakarta Film

Baron beach lies in Kemandang Village, Tanjungsari district about 23 km in the South of Wonosari city. Baron beach is the first beach that would be found in the junction of Baron, Kukup, Sepanjang, Drini, Krakal and...

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secret zoo malang

East Java Film

Mount Bromo scenery is primary tourist attractions in East Java that can seen from the top of Mount Penanjakan that has altitude 2774 meters above sea level and it is the highest top Tengger Mountain range...

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lempuyang temple

Bali Film Services

The Conducive environment in Bali is supported by the Balinese philosophy of life, called "Tri Hita Karana". Tri Hita Karana dictates that happines can only be achieved if there are hamonious relationship between...

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rinjani mountain

West Nusa Tenggara

The best-known place on the south coast is Lombok's Kuta Beach (Sometime spelt 'Kute Beach'), a magnificent stretch of white sand and blue sea with rugged hills rising around it, but not much else...

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komodo island

East Nusa Tenggara

A small island of 280 square km, Komodo is located between Sumbawa and Flores islands. It is famous for its giant lizards, considered the last of their kind remaining in the world today, the Komodo dragon....

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tugu khatulistiwa

West Kalimantan

Pontianak regency is one of the widest regency areas that reside in West Kalimantan Province. Its region wide is 18171,20 km2 and number of residents is 845000 men. The Capital Of Pontianak Regency...

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orang utan

Central Kalimantan

rang utans Care Centre is situated 28km outside of Palangka Raya, the capital of Central Kalimantan. The aim of the Nyaru Menteng Care Centre is to rescue orangutans that have been displaced from their ...

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pasar terapung

South Kalimantan

Martapura Town is located 40 km from Banjarmasin. This is a place of diamond furbishing, both by using modern and also traditional equipments. Besides that, Martapura with its Martapura Plaza...

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dayak benuaqnya

East Kalimantan

Balikpapan is recognized also with title oil town. If You resided in plane that is soon land in Balikpapan, hence from the air will seen a lot of oil conveyor ships reside in the beach whereas a number of oil bridges...

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bunaken diving

North Sulawesi Film

The other beach tourism unfolding in east Minahasa coastal area, with oblique white sandy coast, clean and water which do not wavy make this ideal and balmy place for vacation. A stone looking like a girl close to...

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fort otanaha

Gorontalo Film

Limboto Lake that has special navigation building is located in road boundary between Batudaa district and Gorontalo city. Limboto is a useful lake as irrigation source and as fish recreation place just for that have...

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karampuang cave

West Sulawesi Film

province of Indonesia, created in 2004. Sulawesi Barat or West Sulawesi is a new province established in October 5, 2004. The lack of access to public service facilities and the very slow process of development in...

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bada valley stones

Central Sulawesi

This archipelago is a real good area to do various activities of water like swimming and dive. In this water territory area the tourist are possibly to see dugong or sea cow and even whale. Although its...

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malige palace

South East Sulawesi

Kendari boast the manufacture of numerous fine artistic handicrafts, for both home and office use. Skilled craftsmen reproduce these, originals designs form, handed-down through the generation...

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rumah adat toraja

South Sulawesi Film

Lemo graveyards you can see the veranda of Tau-Tau mixed up together with the steep coral stone museum in the open air, which seems to be a combination between death, arts, and ritual. 'Tau-Tau' is small...

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benteng belgica

Maluku Film Services

Ambon, the provincial capital of Maluku, which is built on a hillside overlooking the bay, has a number of interesting sites of historical and cultural interests. Among them are the remnants of some old forts built by the Dutch East..

maitara island

North Maluku Film

This island lies to the east of Ternate, separated only by a narrow strait. It is a mountainous island, still largely covered with forests. The coastlines are white sand and coral reefs are found in its waters. Offering a beautiful spectacle, Mount Mamuya

raja ampat

West Papua Film

Asmat drums are made in exactly the same way that the mythological figure Fumer-ipits is said to have made the drum that brought the Asmat people to life. The drums are carved from a single piece of wood and the handle is decorated with head hunting symbols and covered with


East Papua Film

The Valley remains one of the last places on the face of the Earth where people continue living in semi-Neolithic circumstances. Upon the spectacular approach by air, the tourists will notice the total isolation of the area. Sealed of the rest of the world by mighty mountain walls